You Are NOT a Number!

Ignore The Scale

Ladies! Your attention please! The scale is not your friend….

Ah! The scale, the dreaded, awful, yet highly addictive scale. I have MANY things to say about this helpful yet destructive instrument. I will first start of by sharing a bit of my “former scale” rendezvous. You know the feeling, when you step up to “it,” excited, nervous, you take a deep breath, hold it, and gently step on. Eyes clenched closed you peek through one to find yourself (on most occasions) less than thrilled with your discovery. Then, your mind kicks in to overdrive. “Seriously? I weigh the same amount? (or better yet, even more)” “I just don’t understand?!” “This must need new batteries!“ “Something is definitely wrong!?“ Then you wallow in self-pity for a bit, find yourself in front of the refrigerator, scanning the options, with that oh so familiar (post scale encounter) look of defeat, almost ready to give into whatever this weeks temptation has been inside and …..NOT ANYMORE!!

Being a HEALTHY woman isn’t about getting on a scale!!

You Are NOT a Number!

Reasons to focus less energy on “the scale…”

Reason Number 1: Your clothes fit better! Time to buy some new jeans! Need I say more?

Reason Number 2: You are STRONGER! Muscle has weight too you know, and it’s sexy!

Reason Number 3: You have more ENERGY! And it’s true what they say about exercise. Can you say Endorphins?!

Reason Number 4: Hello Confidence! When you work out, eat clean, and take care of yourself in general, you FEEL better about yourself. No matter what you “look like,” you look better when you wear your confidence.

Reason Number 6: Inches!! And when it comes to Fitness, they matter much more than a number on a scale. Everyone is built differently, which is a beautiful thing! Embrace it!

Reason Number 7: PHOTOS!! A picture is worth how many words again?! The scale is simply a numerical reflection of “progress.” However, a picture does a MUCH better job when it comes to “SEEING CHANGE!” Put the scale in the closet for a while, and snap some photos instead, you’ll be amazed at the progress when you look back at them. And don’t worry, they are for YOUR eyes! But trust me, if you keep it up, you’ll be brave enough to “share them” in NO TIME!

“When women take care of their health they become there own best friends.” -Maya Angelou

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