Why Working Out AT HOME “WORKS” For Me!

Working out at home

As you may already know, I am a mommy! After putting off getting my “pre-baby body” back for an embarrassing amount of time, I decided that I was going to finally do something about it. So one morning I woke up determined to “join” something, anything, but what?

Crossfit! Oh that sounds fun! No childcare? That’s unfortunate. A gym? Yeah, a gym! You mean to tell me I only have 2 gyms to choose from locally that offer childcare? And you want how much?! Um, no thank you……Let’s just say I didn’t start getting my “pre-baby body” back that day. I did however, keep looking. And then it happened, I found MY fitness, something that could actually work for me!? Beachbody fitness programs!

I stumbled upon this epiphany by chance via a friend of a friends Facebook posting, and, let me just say, I am thrilled that I did! I can workout while my daughter naps? Minus the gym expense? Without the hassle of getting “all packed-up?” Germs? Anxieties (from both mommy and her princess)? And I can wear black dress socks and sneakers? Yes please!! It was then when I decided, via inspiration from another mommy who adored the program, to give ChaLean Exteme a try, why not, right? I am so grateful I did, it truly WORKED for me in SO many ways, but most importantly fit my mommy schedule, lifestyle, and budget.

Fast forward ninety days, and I now look forward to my daily “mommy time” otherwise known as therapy. Where I lace up the sneakers, push play and do something for myself, which is a difficult concept to grasp once you’re a parent. I feel better about myself now, I have more energy, and to be honest, the compliments aren’t all that bad either! The most important thing is to find YOUR fitness. Not everyone is a gym rat, not everyone likes to get down on a yoga mat, many are not fans of running, and some would prefer not to work out at home. The category you fall into doesn’t matter.

When it comes to exercise, there are really only two things that matter. One, is that you do it, and two, is that you continue to do it! If you have found your fitness, great! And congratulations, it’s not always the easiest thing to do. If not, that’s okay, you shall! Keep looking. Need assistance? It‘s what I do, send me a message!

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