Weight. A number. That’s it.


Yes, you read that correctly… I weigh 145lbs. AND I also weighed 145lbs 9 months ago!

I had absolutely no intention of EVER sharing the picture I took 9 months ago with anyone and I honestly NEVER imagined I’d be sharing my weight on the internet. But I am, because, it’s only a number!

Today’s FIT TIP… focus less on the scale! Seriously.

Yes, it’s a helpful tool to measure progress… in moderation.

Change takes time…it’s a process. Weighing yourself obsessively will not change that! Unfortunate, I know.

Other, and in my personal opinion, BETTER ways to determine progress…

  1. PHOTOS! Take them, save them, make healthy choices, take more photos, make more healthy choices, take more photos… you see where I’m going with this… then COMPARE!
  2. MEASUREMENTS! Measure inches AND body fat % and repeat steps above.
  3. PROGRESS ITSELF! In the form of noticeable physical improvements. Whether it’s lifting heavier weights, running farther, being able do more pushups, or fitting into your skinny jeans. However small, it all counts!

Focus less on “losing weight” and more on being healthy.

If you are ONLY using the scale to measure your progress toward personal goals, you’re shorting yourself!

The scale can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity… That’s it.

It cannot measure confidence, beauty, talent, possibility, passion, or strength.

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