I love the bombshell challenge because….

“I’m on day 45 of my Challenge and I can say: that FINALLY I have started a program, a way of life, that I have not given up after a few weeks. I have found motivation in my other fellow challengers and get inspired by everyones success. I love how we share photos of what we ate that was healthy that day to keep new and yummy ideas always available. I LOVE that I am ACCOUNTABLE and if I feel like I’m slipping my COACH is always there along with the teammates to push me through. To be honest, I’m kind of sad that it’s half way over. The only thing I can think of is to start another one right after. I’ve grown as a person on the inside and have grown some beautiful new muscles on the outside as well.  I love, love, love Beachbody Challenges!!!!”   April Halvaei

“I love being in challenges because I am inspired daily…. I always know there is someone there to push me, and someone going through my same struggles. The programs work. Shakeology is amazing. Challenges are seriously the key to me finding the old me… That I’m soooo happy with.”   Sarah Harper Mackay

“Motivation, Inspiration, the AMAZING people that are daily on the same side I am and working together to accomplish great things! Growth, transforming and unending support. Holding each other accountable and pushing each other daily to go forward and not look back! Being surrounded my POSITIVENESS every single day…all day!”  Jennifer Onks Bresee

“It gives me the support and strength I need to get by knowing Im not alone in doing this and that Im being held accountable theres no backing out!!” Marisa Katz

“I have grown and transformed in many ways. The support I have received has helped me tremendously with my personal life. I love my new confidence and the new friendships I have made!” Vanessa Rocca

“I have become stronger and more motivated in every way… not just physical. I have met wonderful people from my local community and from all over the country that I otherwise would have never met. They have inspired me with their honesty, caring encouragement and determination to reach their own goals. Making healthier food choices and working out each week is now natural and effortless because of what I really gained in the challenge… complete self development!”  Christy Colley-Ronchetti

“I love being apart of this challenge because I know I am not alone!!! Usually after the first week I am done… I feel motivated and encouraged to move forward… I am excited to get my work outs done  I will make it through these 90 days and make what I have learned a lifestyle!”  Kandace Sismilich

“I love being in this challenge because of all the support we have for one another! It’s incredible to wake up and come to our group page filled with positive people all striving towards the same goal!  It has certainly helped me stay on track, and even helped me confess when I have fallen off. You guys were right there to pick me up and I am really grateful for that ” Tereza Gallineau

“I transformed my body and met amazing people like you!”  Jennifer Northrup

“I am feeling better about myself and the support and encouragement from the other Challengers is priceless.” Helene Miller