Perfectly Ripe Bananas in EVERY Smoothie, Shakeology, and Protein Shake. Every Time!

That’s right, this post is bananas, just bananas! You know that moment when you’re about to blend something together and go for a banana only to discover that it is over ripe, or not ripe enough? How many bananas have you thrown away because they went bad before you had a chance to eat them? I feel your pain. My favorite is when I am craving a Chocolate Shakeology [&hellip [Read more »]

Being A Mommy is No Excuse

Not the greatest photos, but what they represent is incredible. Being a mommy is by far the most amazing thing I have ever experienced, and has brought so much happiness and joy into my life. Even though I was ridiculously happy, I was also unbelievably uncomfortable with how “being a mommy” had affected my body. I am excited to say that I am now much more comfortable with my [&hellip [Read more »]