ChaLean Extreme, Oh how I love thee!

ChaLean Extreme

ChaLean Extreme, one word, AMAZING! After years of searching, and many failed attempts later, I finally found THE work out for me, ChaLean Extreme!

So what is it?

It is a 90 day ultimate fitness program designed by Chalene Johnson, a physical fitness expert, choreographer, author, and entrepreneur. I absolutely LOVE this woman, her positive attitude is contagious. I look forward to seeing her smiling face daily. Regardless of how my day is going, when I spend a few minutes with Ms. Chalene, I can’t help but smile. She makes me laugh. If you have ever done one of her programs, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Okay, back to ChaLean Extreme, commonly referred to by many fellow graduates as their “soul mate workout.” For good reasons, this program will literally transform your body in 90 short days. The best part, most people can do it! Unlike other extreme programs offered through Beachbody, ChaLean Extreme is relatively low impact, and can be entirely low impact by following the modified version. The program consists of three phases, the Burn phase, the Push phase, and the Lean phase. Each week there are three strength training days, which are cardio free! There are two cardio days that include ab workouts and flexibility training (similar to yoga). For a total of five workout days and two rest days per week, for twelve weeks. It stays interesting because there are SO MANY different workouts and they switch from month to month as well.

I am incredibly grateful to have found ChaLean Extreme, and Chalene Johnson. She IS my personal trainer! Which is awesome, because I could never afford one before! She has helped me become MUCH stronger than I ever was. I truly appreciate my body much more these days thanks to the program, which is priceless.

If I can do it, chances are, you can too!

Have questions? Great! I’ve got answers! Send me a message.

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