Tough Love Time

…because we ALL need it every now and then. (you have been forewarned) We ALL want to “be healthier” than we are, right? Well, WHY are we all not trying? This country is plagued by obesity and countless other health issues mainly caused by lifestyle and the choices we make daily… Enough is enough! It’s time to DO SOMETHING! Yes, I am a Beachbody Coach, and I have many [&hellip [Read more »]

NEW Focus T25 with Shaun T | 25 Minute Workout | T25 Schedule

Shaun T, the creator of Hip Hob Abs, Insanity, and Insanity the Asylum, is at it again… And this time he’s created something for practically everyone! For all of you that say “I don’t have time to workout”, this is the perfect EXCUSE-BUSTING workout for you! It’s only 25 minutes for 5 days a week. ==>CLICK HERE TO ORDER FOCUS T25<== The Challenge Pack which includes Focus T25 and [&hellip [Read more »]